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Aladdin is committed to help. Here you will find helpful advice and products. Many of the hints, tricks and advice comes from years of experience and research. Our learning is never ending so stop back often or email us your questions or problems and we will provide an answer or find the solution for you. 


As an Authorized Dealer for Nelson Homes in your area we can help you in all stages of your new home construction. Let Dave introduce you to Nelson Homes and discover the Nelson advantage. Since 1949 Nelson Homes has delivered over 35,000 homes to satisfied families in Western Canada, the USA and as far away as Europe and Asia.
Our promise to you… a quality built home, designed to your family’s specific needs, for a guaranteed, up-front price, with on time delivery.
You’ll have a better built home, in less time, with more satisfaction than you ever dreamed possible.
Owning a brand new home is easy with a Nelson panelized package. Components are factory built then shipped to your lot for quick and easy construction. Earn equity by building yourself, or choose a builder like Dave at Aladdin Enterprize to build for you.
YES, building a new home can be an enjoyable experience! With Nelson Homes’ building system you can watch your new home materialize, from an artist sketch – to a place to call home in just a few months. Start by selecting the perfect floor plan; you can choose from over 100 tried and true designs, along with have modifications made to suit your needs. Or have your own custom design built. Once the blueprints are finalized, the major work is completed in Nelson’s factories, where the components – roof trusses, floor system, stairs and walls are manufactured. State-of-the-art technology and premium quality, kiln-dried lumber are your assurance of a precision-built home. All the pieces are numbered, then shipped to your lot, for quick and efficient assembly. You get a guaranteed price, so you can stay within your budget! Nelson Homes; with over 65 years’ experience in building fabulous homes, will make sure that you have a home to be proud of. For help with your new home planning contact your local Nelson Homes Authorized Dealer: Dave Cote @ Aladdin Enterprize. 403 634 4833

It would be a pleasure for Dave to talk with you about your plans to build a new home for your family. I am sure you’ve found that there are many things to consider when building a new home and that your options are virtually endless. With our efficient building system, an exceptional product and our years
of building expertise, we and Dave can make your home building experience go as smoothly as possible, and will assist you from concept to completion.
To help you determine the type of home you desire, go to to view the plans; these can all be modified to suit your needs. We also build many custom designs, so if you have your own ideas we can have them made into blueprints. Once you have reviewed the plans, Dave would like the opportunity to meet with you, so that you can tell him exactly what you need. He will consider the size, style, features, lot size and options. Together we can provide you with more information about materials, time lines, construction options, and an approximate budget price.

What will Your Dream Home look like? Give Dave @ Aladdin Enterprize a call today at 403 634 4833 or email him at and he will be pleased to help you with the magic of your dreams.

Aladdin Enterprize
Committed to top Quality Service and Development whether it be our Employee team, Business Associates, or YOU, life is where the magic happens.
We value your dreams as if they were our own.
What we offer:
1. Home construction
2. Renovations of existing to any extent
3. Qualified Professional Vendors
4. Unlimited Yrs. of experience
5. Willing and ready to discover new Heights

What we ask of you:
1. To hold gratitude from our service and the service provided under our umbrella
2. A Fulfilled Rich life for all

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