The birth

This is the post excerpt.

The birth of Aladdin Enterprize began in 2010 after I read the book The Secret. Reading that book which talks about the law of attraction and what you think about is what you manifest in your life.

Because my life at that time had taken a bad turn which led to heart break  and a challanging divorce, caused me to rethink my journey and were the future lie. If what they say is true, what you think about is what is manifested in your life, then why was I in this situation. Divorce was far from what I wanted. Then I got thinking, and asking myself: what was I really thinking? I was content in my marriage, but was I really happy. Typically I’m always happy but I was having these negative thoughts. I could see and feel that my wife wasn’t happy and that made me sad. It made me think and do things that weren’t  my normal self. Because she was unhappy I would quetion her on what was wrong but she didn’t want to talk about it. Then my thoughts started to be directed to fear of loosing her which lead me to work more. Even though I wanted to spend more time with her I would spend more time away so we wouldn’t  argue. I thought if we didn’t argue then things would get better. As it turned out things didn’t get better they just got worse and that’s when she filed for divorce.

Since that time my thoughts changed to; What can I do to make my life meaningful again? I’m a people person. I love helping people get there dreams or help them accomplish a desire or job they are struggling with. That’s  when after reading the secret and in the book there was  the idea of Aladdin and the universe giving you what you think about, I wish I was Aladdin.  They said that the universe responds to your thoughts. Like Aladdin, your wish is my command. If only it was that easy.

I’ve been a carpenter most of my life. I owned and operated a construction company for 18 yrs until the down fall of my marriage. Thinking that shutting the business down would save my marriage, (wrong).  I was now working in the field just like everyone else, (employed) but not really happy or growing. My life became dull and boring. Then I thought I need to start another business to help people get there dreams. I need and want to make a difference in people’s lives. But what would I do? What do people need or want? I pondered over this for a long time. Then one day the idea of being like Aladdin and giving people what they want. (YOU WISH IS MY COMMAND) It became very obvious  that I should stat another constuction company and build houses, duplexes, apparent a and condos. I will construct them to the dreams of what others want. I will listen to there dreams and deliver exactly what the people are asking for. Just like Aladdin : You Wish is my Command.

That was the day ALADDIN ENTERPRIZE came to birth.



Author: Aladdin Enterprize

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